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We help improve the contact between patient and caregiver.

We help you with the following questions: 

  • Which digital solutions will create more space for personal attention? 
  • Which online solutions do you need to improve the patient experience? 
  • How can you create a logical flow in the online experience with your website, apps, and digital health records? 
  • How can you organize your content in a logical and effective way?  
  • How can you reduce cost by implementing digital solutions? 

More personal digital contact for patients.

The first step is making an inventory of patient contact moments. Together with you we map out the experience of your patient(s) journey. We help you to determine how these moments of interaction can be improved. This allows your organization to use digital solutions to create more room for personal attention. 


How do we support health care organisations?

  • With a multidisciplinary approach 
  • Using their own employees and systems as a starting point 
  • By designing from a patient and employee perspective  
  • By choosing reusable digital solutions 
  • By implementing smart technologies  

Supporting health care workers in realizing their ideas.

Doctors, nurses and paramedics are eager to develop or improve digital health, but the workload is high and knowledge about digital health is a specialty. Patient Journey Lab can help healthcare providers to realize ideas that are sustainable, in a way that suits the organization and is in the interests of patients and healthcare providers. 

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